Two friends, two trading accounts and $112,987.12 in profit powered
by one Forex robot with
NO intervention


Jared Rybeck:  Jared deposited $6,000, the last of his savings, into his Forex broker account.  After about 3 months, he had a total of $60,833.37.  His life is forever changed.

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Adam Miller:Adam became a believer after about 30 days and deposited an astounding $50,000 into his Forex broker account.  After less than 2 months, the account was filled to the brim with $108,153.75

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Each of these accounts are real and they achieved these gains on complete auto-pilot.  In fact, in a few moments I’m going to show you a the complete trading statements for each of these accounts plus you can verify these accounts are real for yourself through the third party verified service widget provided below.

But first, let me introduce myself…

My name is Jared Rybeck and what I’m about to share with you is a deeply personal story that I haven’t really shared with anyone before.

The reason I am about to share my story with you, is so that you understand exactly why I desperately needed money and why I will be giving you access to the exact software that freed me from financial debt and from my dreadful job.

My parents worked hard all their lives; they both had the classic 9 to 5 job and barely had any free time for themselves after taking care of my sister and me.

My father, at only 60 years old and a few years short of retirement, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and unfortunately died a short time after.

To make things even worse, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease less than a year later.

To this day, she no longer knows who I am. Words cannot describe how hurt I feel. I was hit by a wrecking ball called life.

My parents worked hard to take care of my sister and I, but when it almost came time for them to take a break, retire, and enjoy life, they lost their lives.

Personally, I think it’s not fair.

It’s not fair we work hard all our lives, work for a boss, stress to pay bills, are stuck under debt, and live day to day full of stress and worry.

We weren’t meant to live like this!

I didn’t want to end up like my parents, I wanted to be free to live my life, and ENJOY it NOW, not later, when it’s too late.

One of my best friends from childhood, Adam Miller, fortunately was there for me along the way with emotional support.

He saw I was suffering.  He wanted to help.  So we had a serious chat about some of the greatest investors the world has ever seen like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch

We concluded that if I were to break free from financial ruin and live a life of freedom, then some sort of investment strategy was going to be my ticket.

If you think my life got better after this and I went from rags to riches instantly, you would be wrong, I didn’t.  Things took a turn for the worse.

Maybe I had bad luck?  Whatever you want to call it… it sucked!

I started spending sleepless nights researching and trying to find the best investment strategies to make money quick, easy, and consistently.

I learned about binary options, Forex, Stocks, Bonds, etc. Anything I could realistically invest in with little money.

I didn’t have much money to my name and my parents were no longer able to support me.

Everything I tried had failed.  I couldn’t make anything work.  I didn’t sleep, I forgot to eat meals, and I let myself go.

This was the end of my rope.  I barely had any money left, new bills coming in everyday and I was sick.

Something had to work fast, or I would have had to declare bankruptcy with all the debt I was piling up.

Eventually I would have been homeless.

Can you imagine the stress I was going through? I felt horrible, mentally and physically.

After a few weeks, still on the brink of disaster, I got my lucky break.  Maybe someone was watching over me… things started looking up.

It was literally 3:14 AM on a Thursday night when I made the breakthrough.  I remember the exact time because I wrote it down.  It’s the moment that forever changed my life.

That was one of the happiest moments in my life.

The week before I was reading a book called How to Make Money in Commodities, by Chester Keltner and it really resonated with me.

I highly recommend reading it if you have the time.

Chester Keltner is the father and creator of Keltner Channels. I took what I learned about Keltner Channels and made a super simple twist on it from another strategy I had created previously.

This “simple twist” was the exact solution needed to turn Keltner Channel trading into a life changing profit producer.

I didn’t know that though at the time…

At this point in time, I was low on funds, so I had to be certain the strategy worked before even considering converting it to a robot.
The next trading week, I spent day and night trading my new strategy.

At the end of the week, my account was up $4,560!

I went out and bought myself a new laptop; it was a gift to myself for everything I had been through.

Crazy right?  Imagine what it feels like, your life changing in a week, just like that.  I went from living in a life of Hell to knowing that I now will never have to work again in my life.

After this amazing success, it was time to automate KeltnerPRO.  Essentially, I turned it into what it is today.

I hired a team of programmers to develop my strategy into a completely automated trading solution.

Yes, that means what you think it does.  It’s 100% automated.  And hands-free.

You use the simple installer, click a few buttons, and you are done!  Nothing more, just let it run, day and night. And that’s what I did.


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Keltner Channels is a tool used to identify reversals with channel breakouts and channel direction.    And can also be used for identifying overbought and oversold levels.

It's not important that you fully understand Keltner Channels to profit from it, here's why:

KeltnerPRO is entirely automated.  You don’t need any knowledge of trading whatsoever.  Trade entry, exit, trade management, and risk are all handled for you.

As I mentioned I put a “twist” on Keltner Channels.  My strategy is a complete rebuild of the channels with a few other conditions added; it’s nothing like the original.

So don’t worry about completely understanding it, it will do all the work for you.

Let’s take a minute to discuss some boring, but important facts about KeltnerPRO.   These are probably important answers to a few questions you may have.

First, what does KeltnerPRO NOT do?

KeltnerPRO isn’t designed with unnecessary risks.  There is no martingale; you aren’t going to lose your shirt or your account, because of out of control lot sizes.

And there definitely isn’t any grid trading.  Yes, there can and will be groupings of trades, but do NOT mistake this for grid trading.  Grid trading is risky and usually involves dangerously high stop losses.

No high stop losses here.  KeltnerPRO uses safe stop losses that are lower than the take profit.
What does this mean?

Low risk and high reward. You can afford to lose a few trades and only win one, and still come out making money.

Okay, so now I had a complete product, KeltnerPRO was completely automated.  My confidence was through the roof.

It was time to put my money where my mouth was.

I took some of the profit from my last account I just mentioned and added a few thousand dollars more, with that money I opened a new account and put a total of $6,000 in.  That pretty much put allof my eggs in one basket (it was all or nothing).

At this point my friend Adam was telling me I was crazy for risking all of that money in only one system.

Screw it, I had nothing to lose, I already was down to almost nothing.

And after one month this is what happened…

When Adam saw these results his jaw dropped.  That was it.  He had his FX account opened and funded with $50,000 in less than 24 hours!

What happened next for both of us was mind blowing; don’t take my word for it, see for yourself:

My account…
(click box below to see verification)


Luckily I have some extended family I was able to ask to borrow money from as my account was building.  I took that money and opened up multiple accounts.

It was a risky move in the beginning, but it ended up paying off.  My bank account has been growing with all of these accounts. 

Everything has finally changed.  I can afford to take care of my mother, my sister, and myself.

Even though my mother may never again know who I am, I can now afford excellent medical care for her, with the hope that maybe one day again she will.

And now, I can proudly say I never have to work again. I can finally focus on getting healthy and ridding myself of diabetes. It’s an amazing feeling.  And I want to extend this opportunity to you too.

Let’s take a moment to chat about the trades made by KeltnerPRO, it will only take a minute.
KeltnerPRO trades on 5 currency pairs…

KeltnerPRO has low risk and high reward…

On average a losing trade is -20 pips and a winning trade is +40 pips.  KeltnerPRO also rides trades to profit with a unique trailing stop technology I designed.  I like to call it PPFL short for: Positive Profit Flow Lock.

There are 3 very important reasons why I’m sharing my software with you.  And I’m pretty sure you will agree they are good reasons.

You know my story.  I’ve gone through a lot.  It’s been a rough ride.  And I don’t wish my experience upon anyone.  There are a lot of people going through tough times and if that’s you, maybe you need an extra source of income, or whatever the reason may be, I want to give you the same system that helped me.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease.  But I hope in my mother’s lifetime that we can make enough advancement in this field to help her.  Because of this I hope you can donate at least 10% of the profit you make to any Alzheimer’s charity of your choice.  And I want to make a genuine effort to match your donations.  So when you profit with KeltnerPRO and decide to donate, please let me know.

The truth is every extra dollar I make, helps me provide for my mother and sister.  But of course, I do not want to oversell KeltnerPRO and take away from its success.

Installing a Forex system can be scary or confusing for some.  But believe it or not, it can be made simpler.

And that’s why I’ve made KeltnerPRO easy to setup.  Here’s how:

1 Automatic installer.  Simple activation.  Setup within minutes.
2 Step by step manual with detailed images.
3 Most profitable settings built in for you.
4 My full support if you have ANY issues during this process.

I will be available to you if you need help and that is a promise.

Here’s the deal.  I’m only making 400 copies of KeltnerPRO available.  That’s it.  I can’t offer more.

I want to continue reaping the rewards of KeltnerPRO and selling unlimited copies will NOT make that possible.

So for your benefit and mine I can only release 400 copies.

Once they are gone.  You won’t be able to gain access to KeltnerPRO again.  So please don’t make a mistake by waiting.

I have more confidence in KeltnerPRO than investing in the stock market, real estate, or even fromtheadvice of some of the world’s greatest investors.

In fact, as you can see by the 3rd party verified proof and account statements I am more than willing to invest my money into my system.

Because of this, I am confident that you too can achieve success with my system and I am offering you more than just a basic guarantee.

I call it the risk-free mind boggling money back guarantee and here’s how it works:

Ask yourself this, when you purchase a car from a dealership, how much faith would you have in their automobiles if they didn’t back that vehicle with a warranty?

Studies show that the warranty is key. It demonstrates that the dealer has confidence in their product and are willing to fully support it.

That got me thinking.  How can I show you how confident I am in KeltnerPRO?  What can I offer you to prove it?

After 1 year of using KeltnerPRO if you are not in profit, then you will have 2 options.

I will refund your payment of my system.
I will provide you another system of equal or greater value that I may be working on.


Have you ever heard the saying, “time is money”?  It’s absolutely true.  Every minute you do nothing is money wasted.

If you could be working a job, if you could be investing, all that time not spent doing either, is money that is lost and can never be recovered.

So here’s the deal.

I want to see you are serious.  Serious about breaking free of all the problems you have, breaking free from debt, breaking free from your job, and basically to free myself from the metaphorical shackles of life.

Remember there are only 400 copies.  For the next 200 copies I’m offering KeltnerPRO at 50% off.

I’m offering KeltnerPRO to you for only $997.  This is a generous offer, especially with what you’ve seen it do.  But with the instant 50% off KeltnerPRO can be yours for LIFE for only $499. But wait, now for a limited time we are offering another 60% off on top of that, which brings the price to $197 for a LIFETIME access to KeltnerPRO.

Act fast please!  And secure your copy before the price goes up (they are going fast).  Don’t forget you have my money back guarantee plus warranty!

Click the BUY NOW button below to get instant access!

When you purchase KeltnerPRO today, here’s what’s included:

1 KeltnerPRO Software With Easy Installer (All settings included)
2 Detailed Manual With Pictures To Assist In Installation
3 Full Support For 5 Currency Pairs
4 Double The Reward Trade Management
5 Money Management System
6 Updates For Life
7 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
8 1 Year Profit Warranty
9 24/7 E-mail Support

Great! I’m glad you’re on board with me.

Please do NOT forget, KeltnerPRO is absolutely risk free.  With my 60 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty I literally put all the risk on my shoulders.

If for any reason your payment fails or is declined, please e-mail me at and I will assist you.


What platforms does KeltnerPRO work on?

KeltnerPRO will only work on MetaTrader4 (MT4).

Does KeltnerPRO require a Virtual Private Server(VPS)?

KeltnerPRO does not require the use of a VPS, although it is recommended. KeltnerPRO requires a constant internet connection and should be left running 24/7. If you do not have a good internet connection, and/or unable to leave your computer running 24/7, I suggest using a VPS.

Is KeltnerPRO an EA/Robot or a manually trading system?

KeltnerPRO is a fully automated Forex Robot.  It’s easy to install and once setup you don’t need to do anything.  It runs while you are away.

What is the minimum recommended balance for KeltnerPRO?

KeltnerPRO will work on any account size.I do however recommend a minimum account balance of 200USD.

Do I need to use a specific broker?

You are welcome to use any broker of your choice, or use our recommended broker.

What is the Stop Loss and Take Profit of each trade?

The Stop Loss and Take profit are dynamic. This means they vary from one trade to the next. The Stop Loss is usually half of the Take Profit. This means each win is much larger than each loss.

Are updates included?

All updates are included free of charge.

How many pairs does KeltnerPRO work on?

KeltnerPRO works on 5 different currency pairs.

What pairs does KeltnerPRO work on?

KeltnerPRO works on the following pairs:NZDUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, and EURUSD

Are there any upsells?

There are absolutely no upsells. All 5 pairs are included.  You get the final and best version available.

Can KeltnerPRO be used for Binary Options trading?

KeltnerPRO is a Forex trading system.  It is not designed for Binary Options.

How often does KelterPRO Trade?

KeltnerPRO trades about 30 times per month on average. This does not mean 1 trade per day however. KeltnerPRO usually trades in groups. That means you may see several days to week(s) of no trading activity before you end up seeing 10 trades in a single day. KeltnerPRO only trades when a very specific set of conditions are met.

Can I test KeltnerPRO on a Demo account before switching over to a live account?

Yes, you can switch the active account of KeltnerPRO at any time in our member’s area.

What if I am unsatisfied with the results of KeltnerPRO?

KeltnerPRO comes with a no questions asked hassle free 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the results, simply visit the refund link found at the bottom of this page and submit a refund request. All refunds are processed within 24 hours.





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